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Meghalaya Roadtrip (part 2)

Hi, Hope you guys liked my Meghalaya Roadtrip (Part 1)SELRES_3edc232d-d5ca-4882-8d1d-7e3cc3bf91d7SELRES_dca14d9f-390d-4492-b85e-8b74b450b3d1SELRES_77a8c858-c2dd-47a7-829c-13640acee320 blogpost…. Those who haven’t SELRES_77a8c858-c2dd-47a7-829c-13640acee320SELRES_dca14d9f-390d-4492-b85e-8b74b450b3d1SELRES_3edc232d-d5ca-4882-8d1d-7e3cc3bf91d7read it, check it here. Now I’ll start with day 4…… Day 4: (Mawlynnong to Cherrapunjee) 81km We woke up early morning in this beautiful village ‘Mawlynnong’,  located in East Khasi Hills. It’s a small village with population of 500 known … Continue reading Meghalaya Roadtrip (part 2)

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