Things to do in Chiang mai !!!

CHIANG MAI was on my bucket list since a very long time and my husband wanted to do a roadtrip in Thailand. So we decided to go to Chiang mai by road from Bangkok. The details of the roadtrip will be coming soon in the next blog by my husband and me.                                                           In this post, I have written about how to explore chiang mai in 4 days. Though i feel ideally you should spend 6 days. Lots of activities you can do in chiang mai. You can book those activities through tours n travels operators in chiang mai. There are many such places near tha phae gate and around the canal.

1.Elephant camp : As at other places in Thailand,there are many elephant camps in chiang mai. Mostly it’s a half day or full day trip with elephant riding, elephant bathing, feeding etc. and bamboo rafting or white water rafting and lunch.We went through Yogi mahout in the elephant camp at the outskirts of Chiang mai. It was a half day activity with bare back elephant riding,elephant bathing and feeding and bamboo rafting. First we went for bamboo rafting,then nice basic home cooked thai lunch and to the elephant camp next.We chose to go for bareback elephant riding because it’s more adventurous and it’s better than hurting the elephants with the heavy chairs. The ride was scary ….not for the faint hearted.It’s a 45 minutes ride. You go through forests and then in the river.(Tip : mahout clothes are provided by the tour guys and don’t forget to carry swimwear )

Elephant bathing was the most fun part about the whole elephant interaction. And best part was posing with the elephants in the river.

2.Bamboo rafting: We loved bamboo rafting, our first rafting experience. Usually in monsoons they stop bamboo rafting because of high water levels but we were lucky get a chance for bamboo rafting in monsoons.

Bathing in the waterfall was relaxing after a long adventurous day.

3.Thai cooking course : MUST DO! the most enjoyable thing in Chiang mai. Cooking school is the best place to eat authentic thai food cooked by yourself. There are many places which offer full day of a half day course. Full day courses are usually in the farms in the outskirts of chiang mai and half day courses are in the city. We went for a half day course at Asia scenic cooking school. First they take you to the local market for grocery shopping and then to a spice and vegetable garden to introduce you to the thai spices and vegetables before the actual cooking starts. You can also ask them for vegetarian cooking as we did.

On the way to grocery shopping
@the local market
Betel leaf is eaten like this in Thailand
Finally the cooking starts!
Masterchef @work!!!

Thai curry pastes

Things we cooked- thai spring rolls,pad thai noodles,khow soi,red curry and sticky rice with mango.

There’s nothing like eating delicious authentic food cooked by yourself!!!

4.RED Pick up truck taxi ride: you can see these taxis everywhere in Chiang mai,very convenient to travel .

5.Royal stay @THE DHARA DHEVI :  It’s an iconic 5 star resort in Chiang mai. it is really out of a fairytale . Two types of rooms , VILLA & COLONIAL SUITES in Beautiful , tranquil surroundings .Exquisite swimming pools , one overlooking the rice fields and other under the shadow of temple. exceptional service . I am at loss of adjectives to describe this beautiful resort , …not to forget EXPENSIVE !!!

We had dinner in a thai restaurant @the dhara dhevi. They have thai dance and music performance at make sure you go for dinner around that time. Food was ok but lemongrass and chilli drinks were really good. 

6.Umbrella village:  There’s a village called Bor sang in Chiang mai , where traditional umbrellas are made . It’s very good for souvenir shopping. You can get your mobile covers painted here in 10 minutes. You can even buy plain tee shirts and get them painted too . The artist were really good.

7.Tuk tuk ride: No trip is complete to Thailand without the TUK -TUK RIDE .

8.Tha phae gate : The iconic gate surrounded by many things like temples, markets, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc, most touristy area in Chiang mai. It’s remains of the east gate of Chiang mai old city wall.

9.Flea Markets : Night bazar is every night.Make sure to visit chiang mai in weekend so that you can go to weekend markets. Things at weekend markets are better than night bazar  . Unfortunately when we were there, sunday market was cancelled because of we only went to saturday market. These are amazing flea markets where you get lovely handicrafts ,souvenirs, interesting  food . When you get tired walking,shopping and eating, you can get THAI massage .Tip-go early at around 6 to avoid crowd and go empty stomach so that you can try lots of food at the market.

Saturday night market pictures- 

my favorite…Dragonfruit juice
Lemongrass juice in a bamboo
Stuffed betel leaves

If you are adventurous enough, do not miss these fried insects.oh my God ,there was so much variety . so many OF them !!

Raw papaya salad

Pictures of night bazar –

Thai rotee

10. Ladyboy cabaret show at night bazar : 

11.Hire a motorbike :  Easiest way to go sightseeing in and around chiang mai is to rent a bike. Lot of options around the THA PHAE GATE area. ( tip- try pop bike )

11. Visit temples : Must visit temples include Wat Chedi Luang , Wat Phra Singh ,Wat Phra That Doi Suthep .There are over 200 temples , each different in it is own way . These Ancient Buddhist Temples still form an important part of Thai peoples life.Tip : Dress modestly.

Beautiful Buddha statues @ Doi Suthep

12. Eat in a WAT( temple): We had delicious organic vegetarian  thai food in a restaurant               (PUN PUN ) on temple grounds.Highly recommended , strictly vegetarian though.

13. Try Thai iced tea : Popular accompaniment to thai dishes , has a strong cardamom flavour.

14. Get close to tiger CUB : Many places in thailand where you can get upclose with TIGER .But arguably best place has to be the TIGER KINGDOM in CHIANG MAI . Only place you can cuddle a TIGER CUB ( it was only  2 month old , awwww)

15.Stay at a cozy homestay : Chiang mai is a backpacker’s paradise .You can get great accomodation around the old city  for decent price. wp-1478801939030.jpg wp-1478801844625.jpg

16.Spend some time by the canal : Chiang mai has this thing about it , you get to experience the vibe best ,by the canal ,just sit by the canal in the evening  and experience the calmness in midst of chaos .Totally romantic !wp-1478551205222.jpg wp-1478801186131.jpg

20 thoughts on “Things to do in Chiang mai !!!

  1. superb. never know that so many places to see at Thailand
    when we went our tour operator did not show so many places.
    superb pics with info


  2. That’s a nice and informative piece …pics are super cool . Teju please try and put approx budget per person so that planning gets easier…..


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