Ayutthaya & Sukhothai 

During our roadtrip from Bangkok to Golden Triangle,we visited these beautiful cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai on our way. We took a night halt there and spent some time exploring the ruins. We went with least expectations but surprisingly these places turned out to be extremely good. Here I go with my experiences of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai……

Ayutthaya:                                                         It is about 80kms north of bangkok. We decided to take our first stop at ayutthaya in such short distance because it was our first day of drive so we wanted to get oriented to the new country and I am glad that we got to spend some time in this ancient city. There is so much to see.Ayutthaya  was the capital of Kingdom of Siam  since 1930. It was an international trading port. In 18th century, it was destroyed by burmese.       The old city, now called ayutthaya historical park, is an UNESCO world Heritage site that contains ruins of palaces, Buddhist temples and statues etc. Cities surrounded by rivers and manmade canal, which acted as barrier against burmese invaders. The main charm of the city are these rivers. It gives that old world vibe to the city. We reached Ayutthaya around lunch time and straight away headed to the riverside restaurant ‘Baan khun phra’. There are many such beautiful riverside restaurants.

@ Baan khun phra restaurant

In spite of being so hot, we chose to sit outdoors to get soaked in the environment. It was very nice to watch old boats passing by. I felt like living in 17th century. Eating freshwater prawns is a must here.                                                     After the riverside lunch, it was time for some sightseeing.                                             Best vehicle to get around- TUK TUK . They take around 200bath for 1 hr. Tuk tuk driver takes you around the whole historical park. Sites are quite far so walking is difficult specially if you are there for less time. Biking is also and option.                                                         Places to see:                                                       1. Buddha’s head @ Wat Mahathat, 2.Wat Mahathat, 3.Wat Yai Chai Mangkol, 4.Wat Phra Si Sanphet, 5.Wat Ratchaburana, 6. Wat Lokayasutharam, 7.Wat Phra Si Mongkhon Bophit

Buddha’s head @ Wat Mahathat
Wat Yai Chai Mangkol
Wat Yai Chai Mangkol

Wat Phra Si Sanphet



Wat Lokayasutharam
Vihara Phra Mongkhon Bophit

Roti sai mai- It is thai style candyfloss wrapped in a sweet roti. It is originated in ayutthaya. It is a favourite dessert of Thai peoples with Islamic influence typically sold by muslim vendors. Just take candyfloss on the roti, roll it up and then it’s yummmm……….

Roti in making
Yummy candyfloss
Roti with candyfloss- yummy together

Athithara homestay:                                       As I said, to experience that old world charm of city, you have to stay near the river. We stayed at this Athithara homestay which is a traditional thai style house just next to the river. You can find many such cheap homestays in ayutthaya. Best part about this homestay was spending morning lazying by the river. Service was good. Breakfast was basic and nice.

Lovely river @ Athithara homestay

Breakfast by the river

Lung lek noodles-                                             I had read a lot about Lung lek noodles in ayutthaya historical park. So we decided to have noodle breakfast again before leaving ayutthaya. After this we headed towards Sukhothai.

Lung lek noodles

On the way to Sukhothai

Sukhothai:                                                       We reached Sukhothai in the evening and found a nice resort in the historical park called Siam village resort. It was exceptionally good for the price we paid. There were traditional wooden thai villas with lotus ponds around. For dinner we went to Thara restaurant to eat the famous Sukhothai noodles.

Sukhothai noodles soup @ Thara restaurant

Our room @ Siam village resort
Traditional Thai villa @ Siam village resort

Some more pictures of beautiful Siam village resort-

Early morning we went exploring the ruins coz we had to drive to chiang mai the same day.                                                     Sukhothai in India is synonymous with spa but do you know that Sukhothai is known as ‘dawn of happiness’ which was capital of Sukhothai Kingdom in 13th and 14th centuries.                                                   Historical park is beautiful and calm place with lot of greenery.

Places to visit: Sukhothai historical park is very big and there are lots ruins and temples. You at least need half day to explore. But since we had very less time we saw 1. Wat Mahathat and  2. Wat Si Chum.

Best way to explore-car or bike. We already had a rented car and had very less time so we explored it in our car.          .

Wat Mahathat

Wat Si Chum

After this quick visit to historical park, we had breakfast at Thara restaurant. Stuffed omelette with pad thai noodles is highly recommended.

Omlet stuffed with pad thai noodles


Day 1- skirt-mineral, Crop top-forever21 shoes- crocs, shades-titan eye plus , bag-tresmode

Day2- skirt- fusion beats, crop top- forever21, shades- nautica, shoes-crocs, bag-tresmode

Day 3- top- zara, pants- colorize.com, shades-titan eye plus, shoes-crocs, bag-tresmode .

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