Paka shoes from Goa

Hi all, I’m back after a month with an interesting post. You all know that I love travelling…… but do you know that I love collecting interesting things from different places? I’m always on a look out for offbeat things when I go for souvenirs shopping. And most of the times I have found some really cool stuff. My one of such finds is ‘Paka shoes’ from Goa.

I’ll tell you a short story behind these shoes. PAKA SHOES is a brainchild of a lovely French lady from Dominican republic called ‘PAKA’. Back in 1996 in Dominican republic, she was relaxing on a beach and she got terrible sunburns. To avoid sunburns over her feet, she used scarves to cover them. In 2002, she moved to India. She came up with an idea of designing shoes using scarves ‘PAKA shoes’ like how she had used scarves back home. In 2006, she started selling them in flea markets of Goa. You get really cool stuff in some of the stalls in the markets. I love exploring these markets.

4 years back, while exploring Anjuna Wednesday market, I came across this lady selling ‘Paka shoes’. Her stall was very colourful and eyecatching. I tried them and instantly fell in love with them. So I bought one pair. Peculiarity of these shoes is detachable scarf like thing. Sole remains the same. Next whole day I wore them while exploring Goa. No doubt they looked great but also they were very comfortable. So I thought of buying another pair. They are available only in flea markets which are on Wednesday and Saturday. I found her contact number on shoe package and called her up. Then we went all the way to Siolim at her house and bought another pair in different pattern. I wore these shoes a few times in last 4 years and they are still in very good condition. So, in my recent trip to Goa, I visited her again at Anjuna Wednesday market and bought few more pairs. Can’t wait to style them all….

She has got lovely collection of colours and patterns. Scarves are available in different fabrics like lace, raw silk, georgette and even leather…. some are plain and some printed. I love the lace ones and the ones with leopard print. She buys all the fabrics and leather from Delhi and designs in Goa.

Where can you find these shoes: Anjuna Wednesday market & Saturday night market during the season (October to May). These are even available at Punta cana and Ibiza. She’s gonna make them available online soon.

Price: leather sole 1500 INR, Scarf: depends on the fabric and pattern 400-1200 INR

If you like bohemian style as I do, you will definitely love ‘Paka shoes’. Best part of these shoes is detachable scarves. So you can buy one pair sole and scarves of different colours and patterns….They are perfect for the beach. You can wear them with any boho outfits…..shorts, skirts, dresses. Just add some boho jewellery and you are sorted.

So girls, next time when you go to Goa, do visit ‘PAKA SHOES’ stall and thank me later.


Meet PAKA… The creator of Paka shoes



Colourful scarves



Leather ones



and some more colours….



Newer ones with the T strap



Soles come in these two colours



You can tie the scarves in these different styles



guide for the leather ones



My collection


PS. Don’t forget to check out the video below where Paka is helping me tie the shoes!!!

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