Yesterday was World Environment Day and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to ‘Rooted’, a brand which offers comfortable yet stylish apparel made of natural fabrics like khadi, organic cotton, handloom cotton.

I was grown up in an environment where my parents always taught me to live sustainably and respect environment. We have been practicing it at home as far as possible by using natural things and by recycling. I’m glad to have collaborated with Rooted. Not just their clothes, i’m even in love with the name ‘Rooted’ which means grounded or deeply established. Their fabric is sourced from the NGOs across India. So it helps local Indian handloom workers to grow. In this way they support ‘Make in India’ movement.

All their dresses are of free size. Since I wear extra small size, initially i thought, it would be difficult for me to carry loose oufits. But when I tried them on I just loved the loose fit… comfortable yet so stylish!!! Loose is the new chic now…. This natural fabric is breathable, perfect for Indian hot weather (specially Mumbai weather). Not just the comfort, there’s so much variety in their clothes. They have something for everyone from formal wear to casual wear. I’m in love with their clothes and they are gonna be my wardrobe staple.

I have created 5 different looks wearing 5 different dresses. Check out the following pictures……

1. Indian formal look

2. Sunday Brunch or Summer lunch date look

3. Carefree traveller look

4. Summer chic look to hang out with your girl friends

5. Airport look

Let’s explore the world of ecofashion and try to live sustainably and save environment.


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